Thursday, August 4, 2011


How beautiful is Chicago?!  This trip was particularly special, NYE 2011 and I spent the majority of it in bed in my hotel room... then in bed at my best friends house.  This picture is from one night when I actually made it out of bed.  You can't tell here but it was deathly cold!

Next time you visit the Windy City:
 Eat Here:  Billy Goat Tavern-classic old Chicago joint.  Look on the wall and wave to my friend's dad's name, Mr. Telander!  If you're feeling a little more frisky, and possibly drunk head over to  Wiener's Circle and say hey to my girls!  

Drink Here:  The Violet Hour Make sure you look decent, and don't try to text your friends while you're inside.  They will get mad at you, trust me... but the fancy drinks are well worth it!  

photo by: Jean-Marc Cloutier 

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